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Second-hand Bike Sales

We have a wide selection of second-hand bikes for sale in all of our shops. This can be purchased as they are or we can enhance them to ensure they are perfect and ready to ride. Buying an enhanced bike from us you can be assured that the bike has been thoroughly inspected and worked on by one of our experienced Cytech qualified technicians.

Tune Up Service from £25

Brakes checked and adjusted
Gears checked and indexed
Drivetrain checked and lubricated
All bolts checked and tightened
Wheels checked and minor adjustments done

Green Standard Service from £39

Frame, Hubs, Bearings checked for damage
Wheels checked and trued if necessary Stem and bars alignment and security
All bolts checked and tightened Alignment and effectiveness of brakes, cables checked
Transmission components checked, adjusted, lubricated
Gear cables checked, gears indexed and adjusted Bottom bracket checked and adjusted Pedals and crank bolts checked Saddle and seat post checked and greased if needed
Tyres pumped to correct pressure

Gold Standard Service from £120

All of the Green standard service plus a full strip and rebuild
Brake and gear inners and outers replaced
Frame threads checked, cleaned, faced Wheels removed and inspected for damage
Both axles removed, degreased, checked Cassette/freewheel removed, checked, cleaned
Bottom bracket checked, cleaned, greased
Headset removed, cleaned, greased Lubricate all and rebuild


Repairs Price list


  • Fit cable £8.00

  • Fit chain £8.00

  • Fit sprockets or cassette £9.00

  • Adjust gears £8.00

  • Fit chain & Sprockets & adj gears from £15.00

  • Fit lever & adj gears £12.00

  • Fit front or rear mech/hanger & adjust gears £17.00

  • Recut gear hanger thread £8.00

Disc Brakes

  • Bleed disk brake (per brake) £18.00

  • Fit disk brake POA

  • Fit disk brake pads (per brake) £10.00

  • Disk brake caliper service (new seals etc) (per brake) £28.00

  • Disk brake lever rebuild/service £28.00

  • Shorten brake hose from £14.00

  • Face frame for disk brake mounting £15.00

Bottom Bracket

  • Adjust/Tighten adjustable cap £8.00

  • Adjust bearings (ball) £8.00

  • Fit new bearings (ball) £15.00

  • Fit new sealed unit/outboard cups £15.00

  • Re-cut bb threads £15.00


  • Fit cable £8.00

  • Fit brake blocks (per brake) £8.00

  • Fit brake mechanism (per brake) £14.00


  • Adjust bearings £6.00

  • Fit new bearings (ball) or sealed £18.00

  • Fit headset complete £20.00

Tubes / Tyres

Fit tyre and/or tube £8.00

Handlebars / Stem

  • Fit bars £14.00

  • Fit h/bar stem £12.00

  • Fit grips £5.00

  • Fit handlebar tape £8.00

Saddle / Seatpost

  • Fit saddle £5.00

  • Fit seatpost £6.00


  • Fit new/refit original from £5.00

  • Strip/regrease & refit original £9.00

  • Recut pedal thread £8.00


  • Fit new or original/adj gears £15.00

  • Fit replacement rings £11.00


  • Tighten cones £8.00

  • Fit new axle £15.00

  • Hub service – new bearings (ball) £12.00

  • Hub service – new bearings (sealed unit) POA


  • Truing from £5.00

  • Replace spokes from £8.00

  • Build new wheel POA

New bike build from £70.00 
Frame swap from one frame to another from £84.00